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Spank Oozy Trail 345 Boost wheels

The Oozy Trails aren’t new, but that means we can categorically state that they’re the toughest, most reliable wheels you can buy without being prohibitively pricey or heavy. We’re saying that because every set of Spank Oohbah-rimmed wheels we’ve had on test over the past few years – whether they were 26in, 650b or 29er sized – isn't only still in use, but still going strong. That’s despite homing sets with testers who are generally a death sentence to any wheels we send them.

We’re not saying that these savages haven’t managed to dent the rims eventually. But in each case the rider admitted to smashing the wheel so hard that any other trail hoop would have collapsed. The Spanks have stayed true, round and sealed in every case. While the distinctive central lump can make initial fit a fight with tight tyres, the pre-taped rims seal easily and the ridged ‘BeadBite’ sidewalls add tyre grip if you love to take your turns sideways. Stiff rims and 32 triple-butted spokes at both ends …

Spank Oozy 760 Ltd Vibrocore bars

Even in a crowded market a really outstanding product can come along that resets the benchmark, and when it comes to alloy bars that's exactly what the Vibrocores do.

Spank Oozy EVO wheels

SPANK WHEELS HAVE proven they can take an absolute beating, and the Oozy EVOs offer'a winning combo of strength, performance and price for hardcore riders.

Spank Oozy pedals

At just 364g and 12mm deep, the Oozys aren’t just some of the lightest pedals on test, they’re also some of the thinnest. Even if you take into account the bulge to accommodate the axle’s sealed bearing, there’s still 97mm of platform for support. The tall, narrow pins are extremely grippy, screw in from the rear and even after a couple of scrapes, haven’t bent yet.

Spank Spike Race stem

WE TESTED THE stumpy 35mm version of Spank's Spike Race stem (there's a 50mm model too), which tipped the scales at 158g and comes with a 'Snap Fit' sealed top cap.