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Marzocchi 350 CR fork

MARZOCCHI MADE THEIR reputation with reliable, no nonsense forks that outperformed their price tag and the 350 CR is a great return to form – though in typical Marzocchi style it can take a few hours for the seals to stop dragging.You’ll often need a couple of strokes at the start of each ride to wet it through too, but once the fork’s bedded in the start stroke is plush and the new stanchion coating is a lot more durable than the ‘Espresso’ finish on the first 350s.

Marzocchi 320 LCR fork

Marzocchi has been off the boil with its forks for a number of years, but this marks a return to form, with a smooth and controlled unit best suited to aggressive riders.

Marzocchi 350 NCR fork

Italy's most famous fork manufacturer aims directly at the high profile, high performance enduro race scene but it needs patience to reveal its potential.

Marzocchi dropper post

Italy's Marzocchi may be one of the last suspension manufacturers to the dropper post party but they've finally taken the plunge.

Marzocchi 350 CR Fork

BENEATH THE MATT black finish and gold 35mm stanchions of the 350 CR lies a race-ready 650b fork designed for the demands of world-class enduro racing and the emerging progressive trail riding scene.

Marzocchi 380 C2R2 TI Fork

MARZOCCHI’S ALL-NEW 380 C2RC Titanium downhill fork was developed with input from their World Cup riders and engineers with the aim of delivering a top-tier product for the most demanding terrain and levels of competition.

Marzocchi 55 CR fork

MARZOCCHI’S 650B/27.5IN fork wasn’t ready for testing, but the 55CR is a hard riding 26in bargain.