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Gamut TTr direct-mount chainring

GAMUT’S DIRECT-MOUNT TTr ring is available in 28 to 34t sizes and fits SRAM GXP cranks with a removable spider. It’s also available in bolted versions for other cranks, including Shimano XT and XTR.

absoluteBLACK oval chainring

NON-ROUND CHAINRINGS designed to increase leverage in the most powerful phase of the pedal stroke and then back it off in the weakest part aren’t new, but this absoluteBLACK ring has made a big impression on some of our testers.

Rideworks narrow wide ring

If you want to simplify your transmission in patriotic style then Rideworks’ rings are a colourful UK option at a good price.

absoluteBLACK Spiderless chain ring

What started years ago with the timeless Widget has now become either a craze or passion. Mountain bikers everywhere are ditching their excess chain rings, shifters and front derailleurs. Reasons to do so abound: lower weight, greater simplicity, lower running costs, wider range cassettes and of course fashion.

Blackspire MonoVeloce WP chainring

BLACKSPIRE ARE ONE of several companies producing single chainrings inspired by SRAM's outwardly simple but actually super-cunning and extremely effective chain-retaining alternating narrow-wide tooth design.

absoluteBLACK XX1 Style chainring

THE MARKET IS now flooded with single chainrings that ape the chain-hugging narrow/wide tooth profile debuted on SRAM's X-SYNC ring, and for good reason - the design works brilliantly.