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Bliss ARG Vertical LD Top

Total coverage (minus a chest pad) doesn’t get much comfier. Large, slim, malleable pads allow unrestricted movement, are less likely to slip upon impact and don't snag your jersey.With no chest pad your core stays cooler and there's one thing less to rub.

The 3/4-length sleeves were tight on our forearms, causing a trace of arm pump on longer runs. The zip irritated our necks slightly too. The backplate is non-removable so things can get warm when riding with a pack.

Price 210$

Bliss ARG Vertical Extended knee pads

AS THE NAME suggests, the ARG Extended knee pads offer a bit more coverage than most, stretching down and covering at least half the shin as well as the knee.

Bliss Vertical kneepads

Bliss makes a wide range of protection and these kneepads are a decent choice for all-day trail riding with occasional crashes thrown in.

Bliss ARG Vertical LD Day Top

Bliss are a new player in the market, but they’re making a good impact thanks to their innovative use of materials and design.

Bliss ARG Vertical Kneepad

Knee guards are quite a personal thing these days, I know for my last purchase I had already been through four different brands before hitting the one that worked for me. I’ll admit I have quite hairy legs and sometimes that can play havoc on the retention systems of these things - but this is where the Bliss knee guards surprised me.