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FUNN Fantom DH wheelset

FUNN’s ‘downhill’ wheels are light and responsive enough for heavy-duty trail use, with neat user-friendly detailing to match. With a 29.5mm internal width (34.5mm external), the rims are ideal for the latest 2.4 to 2.6in tyres and they’ll even handle a 2.8in OK if you don’t go too low on pressure. They come taped and valved as standard, and while initial tyre fit can require determined persuasion, they seal and inflate easily without needing a compressor.

The wheels are fully axle versatile and the adapters are held in place with threaded lockrings (front) or screwed onto the axle (rear) rather than being fudged into place with O-rings. At 1,930g (900g front, 1,030g rear) for our 650b Boost-width samples, they’re competitive on the scales, and the 102t driver gives effectively instant power pick-up. While super-fast freehubs don’t always last well, these have been fine so far. The rims are unscathed after regular rimming-out through rock gardens too, and spoke tension and tracking a…

Funn Mamba Clipless pedals

The standout feature of the Mambas is that enormous platform. At 101mm by 101mm, it’s bigger than many flat pedals! A screw-in pin sits at each corner for added traction. In the centre is an SPD style binding mechanism. which features adjustable release tension and a dial indicates the tension setting on each pedal for ease of setup.