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Renthal Apex 35 (40mm) stem

The Apex is the lightest stem here, at 120g. Its twin wraparound clamps need to be slid on from the side rather than clipped straight on, but this was never a problem, even with non-Renthal bars. The six-degree rise/ drop adds bar height options. Despite the narrow bar clamp, it feels stiff enough.

Care is needed when fitting. It’s essential to grease the bolts and tighten them to exactly 5Nm (the max recommended torque) to avoid it twisting on the steerer. Even then, we’ve had it twist slightly when riding hard.

Price $135

Renthal chain lube

Coming in at 250ml bottle, Renthal’s UK-made chain lube is good value when compared to its competitors. It’s a bottle that’ll last a while too, given how little you need to apply.

Renthal Apex stem

LOOK CLOSELY AT this beauty and you’ll see it’s been extensively machined in a bid to shave weight without compromising strength. At 117g it’s the lightest on test, but what about strength?

Renthal Ultra Tacky Lock-On grips

RENTHAL’S KEVLAR GRIPS have long been a hit, but with the new Ultra Tackys they’re attempting something a bit special. When you remove these UK-made grips from their packaging they’re sticky to the touch.Wrap your fingers around them and there’s noticeably more adhesion than normal.

Renthal Fatbar handlebar

MOTOCROSS MEETS MOUNTAIN biking in this ultimate brawler's bar. The 780mm width gives plenty of leverage for crowbarring your way out of high-load situations and the limited sweep and rise (20 and 38mm also available) give it a really aggressive feel.

Renthal Apex stem

WHILE THEIR COMPACT Duo is aimed at more aggressive riders, Renthal’s new stem is for all types of mountain biker.