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Fabric Sixteen multi-tool

It may be the slimmest tool on test, but the devil’s in the detail of the Sixteen. The chain tool has five spoke keys and a bottle opener built into it, and a tiny clip-on head expands the 5mm Allen key to an 8mm. Each of the tools is stamped with its size, so you’ll never struggle to pick the right one. The smaller tools are long enough to access awkward derailleur bolts.

Because the larger-diameter tools are quite short, it can be tricky to access hard-to-reach bolts. The chain tool isn’t as robust as others on test and rattles around on its thread, which can be obstructive while using other tools.

Price $37

Fabric Stratosphere Sport track pump

At just over $45, this new track pump from Fabric looks and feels like it should cost a lot more. Although the dual-valve head doesn’t stow in the base of the pump, as on its pricier counterparts, it’s still attached to the same usefully long hose, which will reach a bike hung in a workstand. There’s also a clip to secure the hose to itself to keep things tidy when it’s not in use. The valve head clamps securely in place with very little effort to keep things leak free, and the pressure gauge is large, easy to read and accurate too. The Stratosphere Sport uses the same footplate as the other pumps in Fabric’s line-up, which, although quite wide, isn’t particularly deep. This means it works fine on a flat workshop floor but on uneven ground it isn’t the most stable pump out there. Still, considering the price tag, it’s hard to argue with the sturdy body, decent gauge and general quality on offer here.

Price $48

Fabric insulated cageless water bottle

We love Fabric’s cageless water bottles, because they keep your bike’s lines smooth while doing the same job as a cage-mounted bottle. This insulated version is the same external size as their 750ml bottle but has lost 225ml of internal capacity, which could leave you wanting on longer rides. If you’re gagging for a cold drink on a hot day, then you may be slightly disappointed. The insulation isn’t going to stop the ice caps from melting, but it will keep your drink marginally cooler than if you’d just put it in a normal bottle. For maximum effect on a scorcher, try freezing the water in the bottle before your ride. It’s quite large and may not fit some frames.

Price $24

Fabric Line Titanium 142mm saddle

Fabric’s Line looks striking with its pronounced central channel. It feels good on the trail too, exerting almost no pressure in the central region. The padding is nice and cushy, though we did get a little bit of a pressure point on either edge of the channel. In profile, the shape is slightly concave. This means it feels secure and supportive when riding, especially in muddy conditions, where it holds you firmly in place. But when you’re hunched forwards on steep chin-on-stem climbs, the hard nose does stick up a little too much, causing some discomfort in the undercarriage area. The hard plastic tail isn’t the most forgiving if you crash, either. While the groove can get a bit clogged up with mud on filthy rides, the plastic hull is easy to clean. It’s available in two widths to suit different hips.

Weight 237g

Price $105

Fabric CO2 Lever Kit CO2 inflator

There’s a big flow-control knob on the Fabric inflator’s plastic head and it accepts all sizes of threaded cartridge. It engages well with both Presta and Schrader valves, and resists being twisted off the valve. The foam sleeve is the thickest on test and saved our skin from freezing. It may not look as elegant as others here, but works well and you get a lot for your cash.

With no rubber seal (as found on the Lezyne inflator), you have to be quick screwing the head onto new cartridges to avoid leaking gas.

Price $30 w/2x16g cartridges, 2x tyre levers

Fabric Semi Ergo grips

Fabric now have a range of six grips. The Semi Ergo combines the hexagonal pattern and medical-grade silicone construction of their Silicone grip with a fattened centre and subtly flared outer end.

It’s not angle-specific like a winged or off-centre grip, so you can still adjust hand position easily. The silicone gives good wet or dry tactile grip when clean, as well as a noticeable amount of buzz damping for extended XC/trail rides. It can get slippery when dirty though, and the ‘full handful’ feel won’t suit all, especially on rough descents.

Price 27$

Fabric Chamber Ratchet multi-tool

This neatly packaged tool from Fabric weighs 162g and includes Allen keys from 2 to 8mm (the 8mm bit snaps onto the 5mm), two Phillips and two flat-head screwdrivers, plus T10 and T25 Torx keys. All the tool bits live inside the ‘chamber’, which doubles up as the handle.

Fabric Chamber Tool multi-tool

Fabric are known for their sleekly designed products and this pocket- sized multi-tool is no exception.

Fabric CO2 Lever Kit

THIS HANDY LITTLE emergency tyre fitting bundle from Fabric has a rubber strap to keep it all together, which can also be used to attach it to a (fixed) seatpost if you don’t want to stash it in a bag.

Fabric cageless water bottle

FABRIC’S NEAT SYSTEM uses two plastic lugs bolted to your frame’s bottle bosses (in place of a regular bottle cage) and two corresponding tapered slots in the bottle to keep your drink secure. Simply line up the bottle’s slots with the lugs and push the bottle into place.

Fabric Scoop Shallow Elite trail saddle

Made from just three pieces, the Scoop is a minimalist’s dream. It comes in a choice of profiles, rails, bases and colours.