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Topeak Nano TorqBar 6Nm

Topeak’s compact torque wrench comes with five tool bits (3/4/5mm Allen and T20/T25 Torx) and allows you to stow your two most-used heads inside the handle. The torque socket itself then slots into the base of the handle. In use, the smooth handle is easy and comfortable to grip, with enough leverage to get up to the preset 6Nm setting easily. When you get there, you hear a series of clicks and the tool bit stops rotating. It’s nicely finished and useful for home mechanics who prefer to keep their tool kit compact or in their car. We’d go for the $95 Nano TorqBar DX though, which comes with 4, 5 and 6Nm torque sockets, making it far more versatile.

Price $42

Topeak CO2-Bra CO2 inflator

The snake-shaped plastic head of the CO2-Bra is easy to use with one hand and keeps your skin away from the cold surface of the cartridge. A gauge on the back turns red if the inflator is ‘armed’ and a thumb lever allows precise control of gas flow. It accepts Presta and Schrader valves, and the forked-tongue dust cap is a nice touch!

We inflated our 27.5x2.35in test tyre to 20psi using a 16g cartridge but you’ll need a different inflator if you run a firmer set-up, since the CO2-Bra won’t accept larger canisters.

Price $34 w/16g cartridge

Topeak PanoComputer bike computer

A single Bluetooth sensor detects both cadence and speed, making Topeak’s offering relatively painless to set up. It displays up to five metrics simultaneously, and it’s easy to toggle through the other data. An optional smartphone app adds GPS tracking, without shortening the computer’s superb battery life.

Topeak Mini 9 MT multi-tool

At 6cm long and just 3cm across, the Topeak Mini 9 is small enough to mess with your sense of scale. The reason is that there’s only 96g of the Mini 9 MT in the first place.

Topeak Torque 5/6

Topeak have added to their tool line, with more highly useful tools for the shop or home mechanic. It’s not only light weight parts that have specific torque requirements when fitting and adjusting – just about every part on your bike has a recommended maximum force.

Topeak JoeBlow Mountain Track Pump

With the highest air volume here, the Topeak took a mere 13 strokes to reach 30psi and the double-sided head means no faffing. The textured, rubberised handle offers loads of grip and is comfy to boot. The gauge stops at 75psi, has clear numbers and a bright yellow arrow. It’s the cheapest pump on test too.

Topeak Mountain Morph Mini Pump

Although the T-shaped handle and foot peg are plastic, the Mountain Morph is built to last. It’s the longest pump on test, at 350mm, but boasts a massive air volume, which enabled it to reach 18.1psi in our 100-stroke test. This means you’ll be back on the trail in no time. The fold-out foot peg and T handle make the job even easier too.