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Source Hipster bumbag

The Hipster’s removable harness (not pictured) does an excellent job of reducing movement and makes it the most secure pack on test. We like the single-sided strap adjustment, which keeps the loose end tucked away. There are bungee cords for a jacket, and the hose for the 1.5l reservoir is insulated.

Without the harness, the pack slumps a little. There’s no support from the back panel and no side straps to pull the weight in, so it bulges away from your back when loaded, which makes it move around more. The three front pockets are very small.

Price $105

Source Race 15L hydration pack

SOURCE'S MID-SIZED PACK uses a classic layout and has a distinctive hose with a braided outer that can make its state of cleanliness a bit of an unknown.